Individual results may vary and in accordance to your situation , commitment, effort, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions. Simply, the tools I provide, as in any worthwhile educational, training, and self development program, are only as good as the men who put them to work. As with everything in life, you get out what you put in.

If I have a question about the site, how does it get answered?

Email your questions to with the specifics of your question, and you will get a quick response.

What is a CroBone?

CroBone is your Erection! and it is a trigger word used in my Hypno-Erotic Recordings and Videos.

My Urologist told me I suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Can this help me?

For me, ED means Erection Direction and we start with reprogramming your mind then add on the health, food, and fitness education with consistent motivation tools to help you find and build your EP! Your Erection Purrfection performance.

Is this a porn site?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! This site is all about Adult Males sexual and optimal health, mentally and physically. My GFE Videos are Fun, Funny, Fast, Educational, Motivational and very Sexy and Suggestive. My PLAAAY TIME Training videos are my demonstration videos for my CroBonez Personal Hand Held Pleasure Device for Female AAAARRRGGHAZM which I invented. You are going to want to watch them over and over many times. There are plenty of free porn options out there when you need them. Be aware that watching porn on a regular basis can contribute to Erectile Dysfunction, it is referred to as Porn Induced ED. With my recordings, you are using your mind to visualize, imagine, and believe, which is the most powerful way to create anything you want, especially a Rock Hard As Stone Erection Power response.

How do the recordings work?

You log in and plug in to your smart phone, pad, tablet, or computer, then sit or recline back in a comfortable position. NEVER LISTEN WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING ANY MACHINERY OR EQUIPMENT OR ANY MOVING VEHICLES. I will then easily relax you and give you suggestions of health, confidence, and Rock Hard As Stone CroBone Power.

Do you do live seminars?

Yes, I am going to be offering LIVE seminars in the near future. Until then, I offer customized Personal Development and Training Programs available for qualified menbers. The Text Flexed Package is the basic program for a limited number of one to one texts between you and me. Higher End Personal Development and Training Programs are fully customized for your specific wants, needs, and desires. email: for qualifications.  

How many times a day should I listen to your recordings?

As frequently as you can, the more you listen to my Hypno-Erotic voice recordings, the more you reinforce my suggestions of Rock Hard As Stone CroBone Power with PLAAAY, and apply as much of the education demonstrated in my GFE Videos, the greater Rock Hard As Stone CroBone results you can achieve.

Where do I find an open minded woman to practice with?

OMG there are a variety of places to find open minded willing adult partners on the internet via adult  dating and adult hook up sites.

Can you make my dick bigger?

I am here to assist you in getting your DICK HARD. You got what you got the day you were born. There are some exercises you can do that may help to a limited degree for size. As much as men are told “size matters” and then buy into that totally false premise, then they will likely always be selling themselves short. Women want ORGAZMZ! You will receive the correct education on how women are designed, and how to give them what they want, so you can get everything you want with my GFE videos and my CroBonez PLAAAY TIME videos.

Is this a phone sex thing?

NO, this is about giving you powerful Hypno-Erotic suggestions for you and your brain to have dick control and to make healthy Input and Output choices for a HARD DICK. You invest in yourself once a year for your Erection Power Now Diamond Tool Box Menbership. Once you do you can listen, watch, and PLAAAY as much as possible. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, there is an internet connection. Phone sex can ring up quite a costly bill.

Are your recordings and copyrighted?

ABSOLUTELY, ALL of MY recording and music is copyright protected as well as ALL of MY GFE Video and CroBonez PLAAAY TIME content.

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