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CroBoner8r! Thursdays don’t come quick enough. I look forward to your words of motivation and education and your hot sexy pictures in my email on Thursdays. Can you send them out Sunday night or first thing Monday morning so I can Get My Bone On to start my week off right as I work real hard? TANRich55

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Hello Christine, thank you for the emails directing me to focus on health and shedding some pounds. I’ve been listening to Fit and Trim every morning before I get out of bed and your other sexy recordings per your direction, and I lost 17 pounds since June and you’re right, my dick is getting harder and it looks bigger. I never put those two pieces together before. I’m looking forward to more positive changes. JFDI1970

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Hi Christine, I signed up back in June for your site to work on getting my dick hard again and I’m seeing nice results as life is coming back every day listening to your recordings. A huge unexpected bonus is listening to your sexy voice put me to sleep every night. I just play it through my phone and I’m gone, and my old lady is too. Best sleep I’ve had in years and I’m getting my dick hard again. Thank you, Solid69